Toyota 5L 3.0Ltr Diesel Complete Cylinder Head

Toyota 5L 3.0Ltr Diesel Complete Cylinder Head
This cylinder head kit comes with a complete assembled cylinder head, Vrs gasket set and head bolt set
ready to fit, suits the following.
Dyna LY220 100 2001-2005 Dyna LY230 150 2001-2005
Hiace LH162 2000-2001 Hiace LH172 2000-2005
Hiace LH178 (Imp) 1998-2004 Hiace LH184 2000-2005
Hilux LN147 1997-2000 Hilux LN167 1997-2000
Hilux LN172 1997-2000 Hilux LN147 2000-2005
Hilux LN152 2000-2005 Hilux LN167 2000-2005
Hilux LN172 2000-2005 This is a quality replacement Cylinder head and replacement parts.
Toyota-5L-Complete-Cylinder-HeadWe sell cylinder heads, engine parts, gasket sets, head bolts and
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