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Toyota Hilux Prado 1KZ-TE Complete Cylinder Head Later Models

Toyota Hilux Prado 1KZ-TE Complete Cylinder Head Later Models

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The complete cylinder head is designed to fit Surf, Hilux, and Prado models, with a valve length of 104.4mm. The valve heads are recessed .010 inches below the head face. It is important to note that this cylinder head fits only these specific models. Using it in other models may result in severe engine damage.

This new cylinder head is assembled with valves, the shim tappets set, and the camshaft; it includes a quality steel shim head gasket, rocker cover gasket, Intake manifold gasket, Exhaust manifold gasket, miscellaneous small gasket as required, head bolts, head tightening torque and sequence.

There are two different cylinder heads. To avoid Engine Damage, please choose the correct cylinder head.
For the 1KZ-TE with 103.5mm valve length - go here.

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