Toyota Hiace Hilux 2TR-FE Cylinder Head


Engine Type: Toyota 2TR-Fe 16 valve DOHC.




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Toyota Hiace Hilux 2TR-FE Cylinder Head Kit
This cylinder head kit comes with a bare cylinder head, Vrs gasket set, head bolt set and 16 new valves
( please note the valves are not fitted )
Some assemble is required with parts from your original head.
Fits the following
Hiace TRH201 2005-2014 Hiace TRH221 2005-2014
Hiace TRH223 2005-2014
Hilux TGN16 2005-2015

Our Toyota cylinder head Kit comes with the following quality products
Bare head with valve seats, valve guides fitted.
Gasket set with head gasket, manifold gasket rocker cover gasket, other gaskets and seals as required .
New inlet and exhaust valves
Cylinder head bolt kit

We sell cylinder heads, engine parts, gasket sets, head bolts and
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Fits Toyota 2TR-FE Engine


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