Mitsubishi 4D56 Turbo Head Gasket Set

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4D56 Turbo Cylinder Head Gasket Set With Head Gasket
Suits turbo Delica, Pajero and Triton

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Mitsubishi 4D56 Turbo Head Gasket Set.
Set includes cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, manifold gaskets, valves stem seals and camshaft seal.
Fits the following
Pajero L044 (Imp) 1986-1990 Pajero L144 (Imp) 1988-1990
Pajero ND 1986-1987 Pajero NE 1987-1988
Pajero NF 1988-1989 Pajero NG 1989-1990
Pajero NH 1990-1993 Triton MG 1989-1990
Triton MH 1990-1991 Triton MJ 1991-1993/05
Triton MJ 1993/06-1996
We sell cylinder heads, engine parts, gasket sets, head bolts and
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