Ford Mazda G6 12v Cylinder Head Kit

[ec_store groupid=”7″]Ford Mazda G6 12v Cylinder Head Kit
This cylinder head kit comes with a bare cylinder head, Vrs gasket set, head bolt set and 12 new valves ( please note the valves are not fitted )
Some assemble is required with parts from your original head.
Courier PC 1991-1996 Mazda B2600 UF 1990-1999
Courier PD 1996-1999 Mazda B2600 UN 1999-2006
Courier PE 1999-2002 Mazda Bravo UF 1997-2001
Courier PG 2002-2004
Courier PH 2004-2006
Raider UV 1991-1997
Ford mazda g6 cylinder headThis is a quality Cylinder Head Kit with 12 months unlimited Kms warranty
We sell cylinder heads, engine parts, gasket sets, head bolts and
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