Suzuki F10A VRS Gasket Set 8 Valves

Suzuki F10A VRS Gasket Set 8 Valves 4 Cylinder
Carry SK410 1985-1989 Sierra MG410 Stockman 1990-2000
Sierra SJ410 1981-1988
Vrs gasket set includes head gaskets, inlet and exhaust manifold gaskets, valve stem seals, rocker cover gaskets, oil seals and other small gaskets required for reassembly.
All our products have 12 months guarantee and are the best price and best quality.Head bolt torque

DL390 suzuki F10a Vrs gasket setSuzuki F10A VRS Gasket Set 4 Cyl 8 Valve $81.50 Delivery $14.25 Item #: DL390

Suzuki f10a cylinder head New Suzuki F10A Cylinder Head without valves or springs $220.00 Delivery $20.00 Item #: 959958

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